Quick thoughts on the King of Cups

…and kings in general I guess?


I think I mentioned this like a year ago but I don’t remember, so.  I have a hard time with the court cards at any given moment, most particularly with kings- but just about any card that depicts a type of royalty, or hierarchical superiority, tends to chaff me the wrong way, and I know it’s due to my anti-authoritarian political ideologies, etc. It’s a thing I need to work on, but actually so far, I’ve been able to use this for good in readings.

But kings, dude.  Ugh.  So annoying.  I damn near ALWAYS roll my eyes when I turn over a king card, and I have to think extra through it.

EXCEPT not *as* much with the king of cups, I reckon owing to the gender-ambiguity inherent, in my view, to the card and the character of the card (tho lately in trying to figure out the logistics of what in theory might one day be the deck that I create for myself, I’ve been trying to see ALL the cards with more ambiguous gender/sexual meanings BUT I CAN’T WITH THE OTHER KINGS, yet.) I feel like if an idealized David Bowie were a tarot card, he’d be the king of cups.  SO when I pulled the king of cups a few times this week I was able to smile and felt it was not such a bad thing for once. Bonus points for it being the week of the fall equinox.

Side note: last week and the couple weeks prior had been full of wands and the High Priestess kept coming up- this week I’ve seen a shift into cups and pentacles, and I ain’t mad about it. Overall cups and pentacles together can often point at good business acumen, things flowing well and money flowing in.  I’m for that.

I’m off to plot some things and get off my feet- just wanted to pop in again.


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