Drawing the Hermit

Happy Late August! Weirdly didn’t post here for Lughnasadh but on my art blog (which kinda makes sense bc I did an art video about the holiday but kinda doesn’t because this is my witch blog but I haven’t posted since before my birthday… but I digress.)

Let’s talk about the Hermit card and an art project relating to tarot and at the end I’ll add a link to the art video about Lughnasadh and then we’ll call it good.  Deal? Cool.

Recently I was very pleased with myself because I started an art project I’ve been wanting to start for some time which is drawing/illustrating the Tarot in my own style.  Right now the goal is to do the Major Arcana sometime before the end of the decade and worry about the Minors whenever.  I hope things happen more quickly but it all depends on things, some of which maybe in my control but many of which are not and so.  I give this to the universe to help me sort it out. BUT STILL!!! I have here a collage and animation detailing the process and a final picture, followed by more words.



img040 (2)


The Hermit’s the 9th card of the Major Arcana and seems to me to symbolize a time of retreat inward.  It’s one of the cards that I very strongly identify with and have for some years.  The number nine is pertinent to my numerological interests, for one thing, and the symbol of the person sort of swaddled in their robes, on top of their mountain (Rider Waite) or illuminated by a single beam of light and shrouded in darkness (just about every other representation I can think of off the top of my head) has always been a source of comfort to me when it has come up in a reading.

As with any card in the deck the significance of the Hermit changes with the context of the question, the position in the spread, etc. etc. At any rate, some universals that can be pulled are that the card can indicate a need for intense self-reflection and self-reliance, maybe illustrating a life of getting by without help, or persevering even when feeling all alone, or general valuing of one’s own insight or knowledge.  The Hermit is a hermetic mystic, alone on the mountain or in their own universe, who wants to do right and be just.  However sometimes (perhaps when found reversed, if you’re into that [and I am but it isn’t necessary]) it can point to a flaw, such as an over-emphasis on bootstrapping, or isolationism that isn’t healthy or necessary, or too much emphasis on one’s own thoughts/intuitions.


What do you think?  I must be off.  Dinner is ready and Star Trek TNG is all queued up and there are sweethearts and doggies who need my attention.

Blessed be y’all! Here’s a link to that Lughnasadh video I was talking about. Enjoy 😀