The High Priestess, Wands & Me

google says i can use this image for free. 

Good evening.  Maybe it’s weird that I just barely started this blog then didn’t post for a year. Stuff’s been weird, what can I say?  So now I’m back, for today anyway, with some thoughts about a major arcana card that’s popped up for me three times in the past week- in a backdrop full of minor arcana pulls of a particularly phallic suit.  Ahem.

So a teensy bit of background of how I look at cards- I try to not just focus on daily draws, or singular readings- I kinda keep in mind over time the cards I’m drawing to see if there are trends and what different cards might mean in relation to one another, if that makes sense.

For instance, today I had a stressful moment or two about monetary things and decided to draw cards particularly about these issues.  I ended up doing a standard three-card pull on this, and then did my daily one-card pull- I do this every day, either with physical cards or with (gasp) a tarot app.  I love having a tarot app. (But I’m veering from the topic at hand.  I’ll get back to that another time.)

Both times, I ended up pulling the High Priestess.  I thought this was interesting since for the past two weeks, I’ve pulled wands nearly DAILY.

My initial thought was, wow, why’s the High Priestess- who makes me think of calm collected magic- showing up so insistently today when lately the stuff I’ve drawn- freakin WANDS, the action cards, the cards that talk so much about struggle to me and who seem to be more in line with the actual things going on around me- and I had a moment where I realized I’ve been way too literal/superficial in my readings I think.

While the wands often talk about action and fire and struggle- I think I’ve been feeling more attacked by them than understanding my own need to TAKE action- and while the High Priestess might be a sign of chill intuitive power, she can also be TOO chill and passive.

Good intuition is great but it doesn’t amount to much if you don’t then act on it.

Every card has a positive and negative aspect.  I tend to hate on wands (I’ve been know to refer to them as the “dick cards”- but I mean, have you SEEN the Rider-Waite Page of Wands ??? You should google him, if not.  Here’s a copyright-free image of another page of wands, just to illustrate my point:

look at the size of that… stick 


So MY takeaway from the past few weeks of readings is that ok yeah.  I need to be more in my own struggle, and stop letting things distract me, stop thinking things will come around if I follow what I know and wait patiently.

So this post is a bit of that- I mean, I’ve been struggling with some depression for a while, honestly especially since the election, and I’ve not felt like I had any amazing and mind-blowing  insights to share on here.  And I don’t think this particular reading is super mind-blowing, I just have to work with what I have, and as I work out my thoughts in words, bigger insights will come.  It’s like any other art, to get really good at it you have to practice doing it, no?

SO let’s wrap up for the evening.  I have to be bushy-tailed for work in the morning, and I have only a couple of hours of weekend left.

Thanks for reading, and talk to you soon!